The Response

There has been to date, 14 responses to my musings on “time to leave.”  Actually it felt more like I lit a fire and no one called the fire department while the house was burning down.

Well, the house is still standing and I’ve received much advice and concerns.  For all those concerned, thank you. For the guy who said “nobody likes a quitter,” walk a mile in my shoes before you make that kind of comment. (just kidding)

In response to concerns of my current state of mind consider this: No one knows what the future brings. Or if there is to be a future considering the way many in the present are acting.  Can you predict what will happen in the next day or two?  How about in the next moment?  If you could have back the last three years, what would you change and what would you do differently?

Has your training and your accomplishments been satisfactory?  I can answer both yes and no to the last question.  And I’m in charge of my life, am I not?  Believe me I would like to think I’m in charge.

The truth of the matter is I’ve not been in command as I should be.  I’ve given too much power to others. By that I mean some thoughts drifting into my subconscious during the last few years came from elsewhere and I know that should not be.

I’ve found that when I let up a little, too many random thought-patterns come in, though not necessarily from stronger minds, it’s just too many  minds collectively thinking the same weak, negative thoughts.  Collectively they have the capacity to wear one down in much the same way a large group can overwhelm  one person physically. It just takes many, many more working overtime to do it mentally.

While that is no excuse for my outburst, it is my wakeup call.  The truth of the matter is that I am, as I said in that last blog, responsible for my own happiness and well-being and no one else.  I’m on this path and teaching myself during this journey and invited others to travel with me.  Some travel as students, others as friends, there have even been a couple traveling as adversaries but we are all on the path.  When the time is right for me to step off the path, or maybe I should say hit an intersection and head down a different path I will know it and so will many of you.

In the mean time, train on.

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3 thoughts on “The Response”

  1. On the subject of ‘can’t predict the future’, what about having a goal in order to assist in a transition?

  2. No one can predict the future. We can try and prepare for it, or mold the present in hopes of shaping what the future might be. In other words, influence the present to increase the chances that what we wish for the future will come true. Then again, maybe we should just marvel and enjoy the present, because if we worry too much about the future, we might forget to fully live now.
    I choose to fully take advantage of the opportunity to train with Sensei in the here and now for as long as teaching makes Sensei happy. I look forward to coming to class to see what new technique or understanding of an old technique I will learn. I look forward to training with my sons under Sensei’s supervision, and seeing them get that “aha” look when the teaching finally clicks in their head and they are able to execute the technique in the way that it should. I want to soak it all up now, because I don’t know what is in store for me tomorrow.


  3. On the subject of ‘it felt more like I lit a fire and no one called the fire department’, hey it’s your stuff. You can burn it whenever you want.
    In the mean time, looking forward to reading your next blog entry.

    Stephan, Berlin

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