Teaching, part 2

In my last post I commented on a question from one of my students regarding teaching women, or more to the point, is there a different method for teaching men and women? I say this, most do not understand the true nature of teaching.

ALL TEACHING is done by reception and is done in a personal, one-on-one basis. There may be multiple students in the dojo, but all teaching is conducted one-on-one. That was why Cecelia Sensei admonished my black belt students to stop the chatter. You are shadow-teaching and not allowing your partner to experience his or her mistakes having Sensei make the corrections.

That said, my student, singular, is my most important student! My most important is the student I am speaking to; correcting at the moment; practicing with during the execution of technique, or merely looking at during the execution of his/her technique.

In other words, all are taught differently. All require direct teaching.

An observation! Most do not heed my suggestion……. usually because most do not truly hear what I say.’

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One thought on “Teaching, part 2”

  1. Every interaction is unique. Sometimes one teaches the same person in different ways. Sometimes the pupil sees the same thing differently. It is the human nature of any art.

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