Leadership Principles

Most competent martial artists can function very well when they are fresh and well rested and full of energy. And many not so competent artists can do the same.

The question is, can you function in a life or death situation when you are physically exhausted and drained of energy? Can you function when you are injured and can hardly stand up?

This is where mental conditioning comes in. This is the reason few individuals make it as navy seals or special forces recruits. Or marathon runners. Or true martial artists for that matter.

Your mind must be strong enough to control your body and not the other way around. If you fall down seven times you must stand up eight. when your body screams stop, the man with the superior mind , the mentally strong individual goes on to complete the task; to fulfill the assignment; to reach for the goal and to finish what he starts. Half of the human race is male, half is female and I like this definition of a man. Strong women may properly raise a male child to adulthood, but only a man can show a male child how to be a man. Leadership is part of it.

There is movement in everything. Everything is in motion. Nothing rests, so you cannot stand still even if you wanted to. So train. Train hard and you gain control of your body. Train hard to gain control of your mind for this is essential for true growth.

Many examples of satisfactory instruction exist in the martial arts. Many can teach how to punch, kick and throw. How many can teach and train a student and develop him or her into a superbly sharp instrument that can cut anything, then teach him not to use it? This may sound like a contradiction in terms but if you think this is the case your thinking does not go nearly deep enough. Not only are you on the wrong page, you are in the wrong book. As human beings we are acquiring an amazing amount of knowledge; an amazing amount of information on how to do and make things, but no more intellect or morals. Mankind tends to make the same mistakes over and over again.

My message to you as a future leader is this:

In normal everyday activities it is okay to make a mistake, strive to make that mistake only once. And if you study your brothers and sisters actions carefully there is no need to make any mistakes. By this I mean incorrect actions.

Dare to dream. Dare to dream big even though this may lead you onto the cutting edge of life adventures. Miscalculations may happen when you are on the cutting edge because you are operating in unfamiliar territory. Be bold! In these situations others may consider your missteps to be wrong but ignore other people and their comments. there is a price to pay for learning new ideas and experiences. You may pay with time and or energy and sometimes injury. However, only you can decide whether those costs are worthwhile. Your teacher cannot, nor should he give you all of your experiences. It’s your life. Remember, you get certain results even if you do nothing. The law of cause and effect is forever in operation.

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2 thoughts on “Leadership Principles”

  1. This is very well said. Many aspiring martial artists don’t see that it is evident one has learned his martial art well when he has no need to use it in combat.

    Some forget that self-defense means exactly that, and that the idea is NOT to fight if given the choice.

    Learning to accept occasional mistakes and learn from them is definitely an important principle to live by, and one of the most important I have learned from you.

  2. Hi thereEvery other blog I have read about Self Defense Instruction, has been lacking in information. Your insight into Self Defense Instruction is sooooo much better than anything else I have read. Thanks Megan.

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