It comes in 3’s

I used to think of three as an odd number but I slowly changed my point of view. Three is good. Now I like one better. In dealing with three’s consider the biblical connotation, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Then there is man, woman and child. And how about consciousness, sub-conscious and the super-conscious. The list goes on and on. Consider this: philosophers speak of the id, the ego and the super ego; science has it as energy, matter and anti-matter. Neale Donald Walsh’s book, “Conversations With God” describes man as a three-fold-being. Body, mind and spirit. Space is broken down as “here,” “there” and the “space” in between.

So what does this have to do with Aikido you ask? There is you, there is uke and finally there is the space between you which must be controlled, or at least utilized. Then there is your mind, uke’s mind and finally there is universal mind. Technically, there is only universal mind with two different aspects, your’s and his. and if you can successfully tie into his you will realize there is only one.

Three really is odd after all. Next, lets look at the idea of “happiness” and the number 2, the even number. As we search for and seek happiness we look almost everywhere. After much experience most people conclude that it comes and goes. That it’s two things repeated over and over again. We have it! we don’t! Well, I’m here to tell you that happiness is a one time thing! Singular. And it’s found in only one place. Inside! You are either happy or you’re not. No person, place or thing can give you happiness. Material things and people can only cause you to experience a moderately close facsimile of happiness. It’s not a condition, it is a state of being. With the correct type of training the practice of Aikido and some of the other arts can help you get comfortable enough to enter that state of mind or being. Add the right kind of instructor and practice can be very joyful. Join the wrong dojo and you will find it nearly impossible to attain peace let alone joy.

Playing with the 3’s can give you solace. For me “one” is the answer. And so it should be with you since the one is you. You are in charge. And there is only you. That’s ONE!

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One thought on “It comes in 3’s”

  1. I believe it’s true that happiness is about the smallest things, and the biggest things. There are many variations of those kinds of views but personally I find it remarkable how people can focus so much on what’s wrong with them when there’s so much going on that’s right.

    Some of my friends have said I’m different than most people they know, but is it so strange to love laying in the grass and seeing the sky? How remarkable is something that is there and is what it is without your understanding being the necessary catalyst required for it’s function? Who is to say all things are not that way? Knowledge is important, yes, but moreso than the acknowledgement of wonder? It leads back to what you say about intention. Is the intention of knowledge a self-defeating mechanism for some in order to overly control and therefore suffocate the beautiful things they saw a child? Why not understand and appreciate at the same time?

    It’s truly remarkable I can lay in a field of grass and see so many amazing things so easily. And a few dozen feet away, perhaps someone else is worrying about the stocks? Or what color they wore today, or last week maybe?

    Remarkable things can happen without knowledge or forethought. The future cannot be controlled, and though it can be influenced, the only thing I believe a person can control going forward is his/her intention and underlying contribution (Negative or positive) and as you said, let the universe bring back what you offer it.

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