I want, I need, I have

Want, need and have are three very different dynamic states of being. And they have very different consequences. I’ve been through all three. To “want” just gets you that. Want. And it seems that we are always in “need.” We seem to want and need more money, more love and more understanding by others, not ourselves. There is a tendency to think we already understand ourselves which is why we sometimes get into trouble. No, make that most of the time.

I think we have this little problem primarily because of not living in the moment. Now and only now is all there is; all there will be and all there has ever been. When you graduate, or more to the point, promote to the next belt rank or life rank you move to the “this moment.” But it happens in the now. What you accomplished happened in a previous “now.” Therefore, I say that time as we normally consider it, doesn’t exist. It is only a device that man invented to lend order to his existence.

Have it, don’t need it. How is this done? Faith is how it’s done but most don’t realize that they are working out of this particular principle. Generally a student grows in the development of faith. At first there is faith in the teacher and gradually in fellow students. After all, what we do in learning Aikido is highly dangerous. The thing is we’ve used faith throughout our existence. When you step on an elevator you practice faith. When you step on the brake while driving your car you practice faith. When you step on an airplane you’re usually hoping like hell that your faith is well placed.

Getting back on track and throwing all this into Aikido practice, we are usually operating several inches from disaster. Observe how close a student’s head comes to the mat as he or she is thrown. Observe the leg checks and elbow and wrist locks as we practice and you can practically see disaster waiting in the wings. When you do not think of these things happening you are working with faith, my friend. you are operating from a state of grace or a state of being where negativity is not even remotely in the picture. When you operate at this level nothing can harm you; you are life itself and peace and serenity, possibilities and probabilities all rolled into one. At this level You cannot lose because losing is not in your potential. Reach for the stars!

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One thought on “I want, I need, I have”

  1. I’m a very down-to-earth person and like to think and see things as they are. Thinking about this, I’ve discovered that through temporary and controlled suspension of an interpretation of current events, that “reality” can be changed into a new kind of reality.

    For example, I’ve seen and understood that aikido is dangerous and how dangerous it can be theoretically. Most martial arts I know carry varying levels of danger, but are all generally dangerous, and all it really takes is one really bad accident. But the realization of how dangerous that is can create that incident, whereas being aware of the danger and having faith in yourself and your abilities (in a realistic way) can prevent it.

    So, in other words, fear can create the accident you were so scared would happen, and realistic confidence (and faith) in yourself and what you’re doing can prevent it. In my mind, that’s taking reality and bending it to your will, until it becomes a new reality. Similar to what you’ve said before about the relation between one and the universe.

    Anyway, that’s some very powerful stuff. I’m not sure if I worded that right, but I gave it a shot. Thank you Sensei for the most insightful thoughts.

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