Here’s Why!

Why do I, here’s why.

My intention in training in these martial arts and  my intention in training my mind and my intention in living the way I do on this planet at this time is simply to gain control of ego.   Now please, I understand that we cannot live without ego.  The control that I’m talking about is making sure that I do not follow in the footsteps of many of my fellow martial artists.

I have encountered so many inflated egos that it is exceedingly difficult to attend a seminar or a simple  gathering and avoid stepping on someone’s enlarged impression of themselves.

I close friend of mine while speaking to a martial arts group several weeks ago  expounded on true self defense after being asked about advanced technique. He is a bit younger than me but you wouldn’t know that by what he said.  He said, “Real self defense begins with self; by doing battle with and gaining mastery over your ego.” By ego, he  meant false pride or a swelled head and little substance.

If you look closely, you can see huge ego problems at the top of many organizations be they martial, business, educational or social.

To correct a possible misunderstanding, there are countless  great martial artists out there just as there are countless superior business leaders around.  There are just not enough of them in the correct roles.

Look at congress and you will see what I mean. If you closed your eyes and listened to the republicans and democrats and did not know the subject matter, you would think it was a bunch of adolecents  arguing over school recess instead of the business of government.

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3 thoughts on “Here’s Why!”

  1. Once ego is controlled, all possibilities are available for use. Life then becomes spiritual in nature as it should be. Correction, as it really is. Can you keep your mind on a single thought without pause for one continuous minute? For ten seconds? That’s how out of control we really are. The mind is like a wild animal which needs to be tamed down, then built back up with discipline.

  2. Is there a reason? A goal? Is there something you want to do but cannot because ego is in the way?

    I can understand, at least, that if we are out of control then we cannot control when we are causing harm. This is the reason I’m interested in this idea. Does it need a goal? Should there be one?

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