Driving under the influence of life

I had a conversation with a student recently who was experiencing some difficulties, and I told him this:

Driving is a lot like experiencing life.

If you’ve driven long enough, or you are old enough, you’ve experienced a long stretch of road where you could see for quite a long way. And if you were lucky, maybe even a mile or more. You can drive with speed then. However, most of our road experience consists of going over a hill or around a curve. In going around that curve you truly face the unknown. And such is life!

You never know what’s around that curve and if you hit it too fast and have to brake as you execute it, things can get a little uncomfortable. Especially if the curve becomes sharper or tighter than you expected. Braking is supposed to take place before entering a curve. Driving 101 it’s called. And again, such is life.

If you operate within the speed limit you usually come out alright, even if something comes up on you out of the blue.

If you’ve paid attention to the condition of your tires, you should have no problem there. If you refueled as required, again no problem. In life, you do the same, you pay attention to the details; bills, taxes and such; improve you position by making improvements on your house.

A big portion of important details revolves around relationships. Its what one does when planting crops. They must be cultivated! What does that have to do with driving you might ask?

Simply this: In order to become a good or even excellent driver requires learning to see as far down the road as possible in order to anticipate problems. If it’s raining you slow down; if snow is on the ground you slow even further. Or, you do not get behind the wheel at all.

You speed up only when you reach a straight-away and can see the road clearly.

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