To those of you who are listening: If you think what you do affects only you, you are mistaken. All affects all!

Everything is interconnected and most of what you do is, to some extent, caused or brought about another action, be  it a person or an event.  Conversely, everything that you do is, to some extent, a “cause” affecting another person or event, sometimes singular, sometimes  plural.  If you notice I made no mention of this cause being positive or negative, not good not evil, its just an Effect!

You may have heard it explained as the “law of unintended consequences.”  Or, you really experienced it as something like this, ” I meant to do  ‘one little thing’ but ‘this’ is what happened.”

Society is a moving, living, breathing entity having a collective effect on itself. Please realize that this society, which is actually all of us, subconsciously sets each of us up to think and act in a certain way, which sometimes causes us to behave contrary to our original intentions.

The key to a satisfying life is to be more of a “cause” rather than being jerked around by relentless negative “effects.” The biblical quotations, “live by the sword, die by the sword,” and “an eye for an eye,” are for real. On the street it’s stated this way: “What goes around truly comes around.” All these statements revolve around that natural law called “Cause and Effect.”

This universal truth is always in operation.  Therefore I say this:

If there is a thing to be done, it is worth doing well and to the best of your ability.  “You can make it if you try” is not the answer. Trying implies failure, do it with intention.  Whatever you do affects all around you so Dare to dream… Dare to Dream BIG!

Is the dream complete?  Then ACT!

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One thought on “Dreams”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. It’s something that I explain to friends who are caring towards others but are self-destructive in the process. It’s impossible to expect to take care of others and avoid caring for yourself and expect positive results.

    It’s also a good argument for why to care for others in the first place. It’s a shame that I don’t see many people acting kind without an expectation of a reward. It can be argued that acting kind is a reward in itself, but disregarding that..

    This theory is like a fusion between Nietzsche and Locke. Two philosophers that more people should read.

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