Rick Berry
Wilmington Aikido
Talleyville Center
4115 Concord Pike Wilmington, Delaware
Phone 302-478-2144

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  1. Maggie Newman also trained under Tohei; achieving the rank of Shodan.She once told me that Aikido and Tai Chi share the same principles. This is from one of her senior students, Tom Daly:

    do not seek to become powerful;
    seek only to release fear from the body-mind.
    do not chase after joy;
    only breathe out your pain, your grief, your loss.
    do not ask for mastery;
    ask only to shed that which is unnatural and disharmonious.
    darkness and day follow each other.
    heavy is the root of light, stillness is the mother of movement.
    emptiness is the source of ten thousand things.
    release, breathe, shed, stand still, un-do
    let your tears fall into the earth beneath your feet
    let your sorrows sink and become your root
    what you thought was weakness will become your strength
    where fear has been dissolved, laughter blooms;
    after looking inward
    the spirit rises

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