Teachable moments?

Recently there have been several incidents where the proponents declared it to be a teachable moment.  Well I have news for them and depending on the information at hand, I say all situations are teachable moments.  This lovely sounding catch phrase is meant to defuse a given situation and to release one from further embarrassment. For that person who is caught it is not so much a teaching moment as much as it is learning moment.  Again, all are learning situations, are they not?

These problems arise because most people “activate mouth before engaging brain.” Sadly, this also includes many of our political leaders as well.  Are we in that much of a hurry in all endeavors that we don’t or maybe can’t think things through?

Experience is the only true teacher. All other leaders and/or guides merely point the way.  And most do it by very poor example.  In other words, they demonstrate what “not to do” in a given situation.  Which is probably why some of the wise ones made that curious statement, “The sage leaves no track.” The sage walks his path alone and allows you to walk yours. Maybe because he knows his track may influence you one way or another and he chooses not to do that.

If you must make a decision and have no immediate experience to fall back on consider this:

The naive know not their mistakes,

And repeat.

The foolish blame others for their mistakes,

And repeat.

The intelligent profit from their mistakes,

The wise profit from the mistakes of others.

This quote was taken from the 2004 addition of “Stepping Off the Mat.”

Check out my next blog entry. A student requested that it be on the topic of “potential.”

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