What is Aikido

What is Aikido?  Why do we practice this art of throwing and neutralization?  To begin with, I do not practice for the sake of self-defense, nor have I felt the need to work on that aspect of life for a number of years.  Although it is true that we train through the medium of attack and defense, the art-form  and concept is realized mentally rather than physically.

Physical confrontations develop in accordance with misunderstandings and ignorance.  The higher a person evolves mentally and spiritually the greater the likelihood of a peaceful resolution of a conflict.  This can be likened to a math problem: when an equation is worked properly, the equation will be balanced on both sides of the “equal” sign.

If the attacker is one-half of the equation and the defender is the other half, the Aikido technique used correctly through mental preparation could be considered the equal sign. Or better yet, expericencing correct spiritual preparation one could avoid the confrontation altogether simply changing it to lively conversation.

Life is full of complex problems, trials and tribulations moving sometimes up and sometimes down.  It seems that sometimes we  will not make it through this world or ththat the world will not survive.  But then comes Aikido, these  simple movements.  And  while they may be difficult to learn – like understanding life’s complex problems – something happens; they really become nothing more than simple exercises designed to lift us up to another vibrational level where understanding simply happens.

And we realize that it is just life flowing onward.

Aikido is us dancing life.

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3 thoughts on “What is Aikido”

  1. Physical confrontations develop for many reasons, most of which you will not have time to analyze when it actually happens.

    A number of physical confrontations cannot be avoided by “changing them into lively conversation”. As anyone who ever got bullied in school will tell you, reasoning with, or ignoring, a certain type of people, will not work.

    Aikido is not “us dancing life”. It is a martial art. The only vibrational level that matters is that of the attacker’s jaw meeting with your atemi, followed by an enthusiastic throw.

    Everything else usually degrades to narcissistic, theoretical pontifications, as case in point may be.

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